Brand: fifteen52
fifteen52 Tarmac - Speed Silver | Offered by CedarPerformance

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fifteen52 Tarmac - Speed Silver

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fifteen52 | Tarmac

The fifteen52 Tarmac is perhaps the iconic design that best represents everything the company stands for. Bold, durable, purposeful, and the antithesis of trendy; the Tarmac is a classic motorsports wheel that will stand the test of time.

The Tarmac is also the wheel that launched the 52/Ken Block relationship when it first appeared on KB's 650-hp Ford Fiesta rally car in the wildly popular Gymkhana FOUR video and followed that up with an appearance in Gymkhana FIVE.

• Cast mono-block construction.
• Custom offsets available.
• Custom finishes available (contact Cedar Performance for details and pricing).

Standard Finishes  Matte Black, Rally White, Speed Silver

Available Sizes  17×8 | 17×9 | 18×8.5 | 18×9.5 | 19×8.5 | 19×9.5

fifteen52 | Tarmac - Sizes and Specs
17×8 17×9 18×8.5 18×9.5 19×8.5 19×9.5
4x100 ET30 5x100 ET30 4x108 ET35 5x100 ET40 5x100 ET35 5x112 ET35
4x100 ET42 5x100 ET45 5x100 ET35 5x108 ET40 5x108 ET40 5x112 ET45
4x100 ET0-45* 5x114 ET30 5x108 ET40 5x112 ET40 5x112 ET35 5x114 ET35
4x108 ET42 5x114 ET45 5x112 ET35 5x114 ET25 5x112 ET45 5x114 ET45
5x100 ET30 5x114 ET0-45* 5x112 ET45 5x114 ET45 5x114 ET35 5x114 ET0-45*
5x100 ET45 5x120 ET40 5x114 ET45 5x120 ET20 5x114 ET45 5x120 ET20
5x112 ET35 5x130 ET45 5x120 ET35 5x120 ET45 5x114 ET0-45* 5x120 ET45
5x114 ET0-45* 5x130 ET45 5x130 ET45 5x120 ET20 5x130 ET45
5x120 ET35 5x114 ET0-45* 5x114 ET0-45* 5x120 ET35
5x130 ET45 5x130 ET45

* Please allow an extra 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment when a custom offset is specified.