Brand: fifteen52
fifteen52 Formula GT - Speed Silver | Offered by CedarPerformance

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fifteen52 Formula GT - Speed Silver

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fifteen52 | Formula GT

Fifteen52's latest wheel design, the Formula GT is a take on a classic motorsports mesh design. Engineered to be both strong and lightweight, and with the ability to clear large calipers and rotors, the new Formula GT is the perfect choice for today's high performance sports cars and GT sedans.

• Cast mono-block construction.
• Custom offsets available.
• Custom finishes available (contact Cedar Performance for details and pricing).

Standard Finishes  Matte Black, Speed Silver, Rally White

Available Sizes  18x8.5 | 18x9.5 | 18x11 | 19x8.5 | 19x9.5 | 19x11

fifteen52 | Formula GT - Sizes and Specs
18x8.5 18x9.5 18x11 19x8.5 19x9.5 19x11
5x100 ET30 5x108 ET40 5x120 ET35 5x108 ET40 5x112 ET45 5x120 ET35
5x108 ET42 5x120 ET35 5x130 ET40 5x100 ET30 5x120 ET20 5x130 ET35
5x112 ET45 5x130 ET45 5x130 ET55 5x108 ET42 5x120 ET35 5x130 ET55
5x112 ET35 5x108-120 ET15-55* 5x108-120 ET15-55* 5x112 ET35 5x130 ET45
5x120 ET35 5x112 ET45 5x108 - 5x120 ET15-55*
5x130 ET45 5x120 ET35
5x130 ET50
5x112 - 5x120 ET15-55*

* Please allow an extra 1-2 weeks for order fulfillment when a custom offset is specified.