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Ferrada FR3 - Machine Silver / Chrome Lip

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Ferrada | FR3 - Machine Silver / Chrome Lip

Classic and modest, this 5-spoke rim espouses simplicity in style and embodies poetry in motion. Do not be fooled by its elegance though – note the deep concave design – it bears the same legacy of quality as its Ferrada brethren, and as expected, offers outstanding performance in its class.

Sizes  19x8.5 | 19x9.5 | 19x10.5 | 20x9 | 20x10.5 | 20x11.5 | 22x9.5 Low Offset | 22x11 Low Offset
Bolt Patterns  5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x115 | 5x120
Finishes  Machine Black/Chrome Lip, Machine Silver/Chrome Lip, Matte Black/Gloss Black Lip, Matte Bronze/Gloss Black Lip
Note:  Available sizes/specs varies by wheel Finish (see table below).

Custom Finishes Available! Contact Cedar Performance for details and pricing.

Authorized Ferrada dealers are required to charge shipping. If you purchase Ferrada wheels from anyone not charging shipping, they are not an authorized Ferrada dealer OR they in violation of their dealer agreement with Ferrada.

Ferrada Shipping Costs
19" - 20" Diameters $35/wheel
22" Diameter $40/wheel

Ferrada | FR3 - Machine Silver / Chrome Lip - Sizes and Specs
Size Bolt Pattern Offset Hub Bore (mm)
19x10.5 5x112 ET25
19x10.5 5x112 ET38
19x10.5 5x114 ET25
19x10.5 5x114 ET38
19x10.5 5x120 ET25
19x10.5 5x120 ET38
19x8.5 5x112 ET25
19x8.5 5x112 ET42
19x8.5 5x114 ET15
19x8.5 5x114 ET35
19x8.5 5x120 ET15
19x8.5 5x120 ET33
19x9.5 5x112 ET30
19x9.5 5x112 ET45
19x9.5 5x114 ET20
19x9.5 5x114 ET40
19x9.5 5x120 ET20
19x9.5 5x120 ET35
20x10.5 5x108 ET38 73.1
20x10.5 5x112 ET25 66.56
20x10.5 5x112 ET38 66.56
20x10.5 5x114 ET15 73.1
20x10.5 5x114 ET28 73.1
20x10.5 5x114 ET38 73.1
20x10.5 5x115 ET15 73.1
20x10.5 5x120 ET20 74.1
20x10.5 5x120 ET28 74.1
20x10.5 5x120 ET38 72.56
20x11.5 5x112 ET15 66.56
20x11.5 5x112 ET30 66.56
20x11.5 5x114 ET15 73.1
20x11.5 5x114 ET30 73.1
20x11.5 5x120 ET15 74.1
20x11.5 5x120 ET30 74.1
20x9 5x108 ET35 73.1
20x9 5x112 ET25 66.56
20x9 5x112 ET35 66.56
20x9 5x114 ET15 73.1
20x9 5x114 ET25 73.1
20x9 5x114 ET35 73.1
20x9 5x115 ET15 73.1
20x9 5x120 ET20 74.1
20x9 5x120 ET35 72.56
22x11 5x112 ET20 66.56
22x11 5x115 ET20 73.1
22x11 5x120 ET20 74.1
22x9.5 5x112 ET15 66.56
22x9.5 5x115 ET15 73.1
22x9.5 5x120 ET15 74.1