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Ferrada Forge-8 FR5 Matte Bronze

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Ferrada | Forge-8 FR5 - Matte Bronze

The Forge-8 FR5 5-bar double-spoked rim is a flawless representation of form and function in perfect harmony. Lines taper down towards the edge of the lip to present a svelte look, while elaborate undercuts and fine detailing serve to reduce weight. Even the accentuated double dip in its center isn’t just for show – it’s clearance for cars with big calipers.

Characterized by its sleek and svelte wheels, unbelievable performance, uncompromising durability, structure and strength, Forge-8 is the ultimate light-weight luxury wheel range which discerning drivers and car enthusiasts all over the world have been waiting for.

The Ferrada Forge-8 line is only possible through a manufacturing technique that’s wholly exclusive to Ferrada Wheels. The unique process involves employing 8 hydraulic rollers to apply pressure on a heated barrel spinning at high speed. The extreme forces acting on the barrel collapses air pockets within the aluminum, reducing barrel thickness by 15% of the industry standard while increasing strength and durability.

Sizes  20x9 | 20x10 | 20x10.5 | 20x11 | 20x11.5 | 20x12
Bolt Patterns  5x112 | 5x114 | 5x115 | 5x120 | 5x130
Finishes   Matte Bronze available now; Machine Silver, Matte Chameleon Blue, & Matte Graphite - Coming Soon!
Note:  Available sizes/specs varies by wheel Finish (see table below).

Custom Finishes Available! Contact Cedar Performance for details and pricing.

Authorized Ferrada dealers are required to charge shipping. If you purchase Ferrada wheels from anyone not charging shipping, they are not an authorized Ferrada dealer OR they in violation of their dealer agreement with Ferrada.

Ferrada Shipping Costs
19" - 20" Diameters $35/wheel
22" Diameter $40/wheel

Ferrada | Forge-8 FR5 - Matte Bronze - Sizes and Specs
Size Bolt Pattern Offset
20x10 5x112 ET33
20x10 5x112 ET45
20x10 5x114 ET25
20x10 5x114 ET40
20x10 5x120 ET25
20x10 5x120 ET40
20x10.5 5x114 ET40
20x10.5 5x120 ET40
20x11 5x112 ET28
20x11.5 5x112 ET32
20x11 5x112 ET50
20x11 5x114 ET50
20x11 5x120 ET50
20x11 5x130 ET45
20x11.5 5x114 ET30
20x12 5x120 ET32
20x12 5x112 ET33
20x12 5x114 ET21
20x9 5x112 ET27
20x9 5x112 ET35
20x9 5x112 ET45
20x9 5x114 ET15
20x9 5x114 ET25
20x9 5x114 ET35
20x9 5x120 ET20
20x9 5x120 ET35
20x9 5x120 ET45
20x9 5x130 ET45